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With the comprehensive arrival of the 14th Five-Year Plan of various industries, it is urgent to redefine the connotation of insurance technology and re-analyze the new characteristics of the insurance industry, especially in the past two years, the insurance industry has witnessed obvious characteristics of industry reform. The traditional insurance operation mode, no matter life insurance and property insurance, is difficult in the established market environment achieve massive growth;Technology provides great imagination and potential space for the future development of the insurance industry. The sudden epidemic is more like a big test, forcing many traditional industries, especially finance and insurance, to accelerate the development and reform of their own digital and intelligent capabilities,head insurance companies are experiencing a change from focusing on "insurance policy" to focusing on "people" and "family", from focusing on sales, increasing staff to focusing on customer needs,The social environment changes and the social value of insurance changes, along with these changes, to create the ultimate user experience, redefine the insurance value chain, redefine the insurance Undoubtedly, the design concept of insurance products and the mining of the value behind relevant big data have become a common problem faced by a series of insurers who want to reform and develop digital, intelligent, technology-enabled data assets operation and management of these means to provide us with an optimal solution path.
Digital strategic management and practice of insurance industry

artificial intelligence, big data and block chain

To innovate the traditional insurance industry with the power of science and technology

Entering the era of intelligence, we will build a new model of "science and technology + insurance + service"

people-oriented, users first

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