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China Bank Insurance Regulatory Commission published on the official website on April 27, 2018 the measures of the Bank Insurance Regulatory Commission to accelerate the implementation of the opening up of the banking and insurance industry. It points out the key areas of banking and insurance opening to the outside world, Since then, the bank and insurance industry has made new breakthroughs in opening up, including canceling and relaxing the proportion of foreign ownership, relaxing the access conditions for foreign institutions and businesses, expanding the business scope of foreign institutions, and optimizing the regulatory rules for foreign investment.
The development of Internet insurance has become one of the general trends of insurance development in China for the past few years. Including Alibaba ,, Tencent, Baidu, and other Internet Companies began to access to China's Internet insurance market. And China's Internet insurance market potential is tremendous. It is my great honor to invite you to attend China Internet Insurance Innovation Summit 2019 (CIIS2019), held on Apr. 11th -12th 2019 in Shanghai, China. You can find the summit agenda and registration form as attached.
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    Two - Day Conference, Two - days Networking Lunch, Coffee Breaks, Electronic Copy of Presentation PPTs, Introduction guests
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    Engage with 400+ participants in Insurance field, Meet with senior decision makers from startups to global multinational corporations Enhance brand awareness Apply for awards
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    Insight into industry trends Discuss with senior decision makers from domestic and international enterprises about the hottest topics in internet insurance technology field, and present your innovative ideas Make voices through online and offline media Enhance brand awareness
  • Interpretation of Policy: Innovation and Development of Internet Insurance under the New Market and the New Supervision System
    Day one morning
  • Award Ceremony
    Day one noon
  • The Opportunities and Challenges of Insurance Industry brought by the New Technology
    Day one afternoon
  • The Prospective Characteristic Model of "Internet +Great Health Industry"
    Day two morning
  • The Upgrade and Change of Insurance Agent Mode under the Background of Internet
    Day two afternoon

1. Regulatory reform under the new situation and its impact on the Internet insurance industry

2. Opportunities and challenges brought about by technology enabling the insurance industry

3. Driven by the general trend of returning to security, Internet channel upgrading will bring innovative development to life insurance and health insurance

4. Coordinated development with partners in data support, scenario co-construction and customized services under the new mode

5. The role of insurance technology in improving the risk control ability of Internet insurance

6. Development trend and innovation of China's Internet insurance industry

7. Blockchain technology drives the Internet insurance revolution

8. Application and implementation of AI artificial intelligence in Internet insurance

9. New opportunities for Internet insurance companies in independent pricing of "business fare reform"

10. Discussion on the characteristic mode of "Internet + big health" with foresight

11. Financial cloud technology enables Internet insurance

12. Internet development of small and medium-sized life insurance companies

13. Under the background of Internet, insurance agent mode is upgraded and reformed



China Internet Insurance Innovation Summit "Golden Insurance Award" Award Ceremony 2019
  • As an old saying goes, insurance, namely guard, responsibility and bear. Today, "guarantee" is a guarantee mechanism in contractual economic relations, and it is the primary way of risk management under the condition of market-oriented economy. Therefore, the award ceremony will be launched during the China Internet insurance innovation summit. We look forward to the award to promote the emergence of more innovative and responsible Internet insurance industry enterprises, and jointly promote the rapid and stable development of China's Internet insurance industry.
  • IIPA is composed of insurance companies, professional third-party institutions, Internet platforms, technology companies and other Internet insurance enterprises.It is committed to promoting intra-industry exchanges and cooperation, information sharing and cross-border integration.By holding regular industry exchange summits, we will promote the healthy and steady development of China's Internet insurance industry and create an atmosphere of innovative development.
  • step1. 10th Nov 2018-31th Feb 2019, application;step2. 1st Mar-6th Mar 2019, Import external authoritative data for preliminary review;step3. 7th Mar-20th Mar 2019, Voting on-line;step4. 21th Mar-30th Mar 2019, Expert evaluation;step5.11th Apr 2019, Award ceremony
  • ☆Enterprise asset size;☆Innovation in technology and model;☆Customers /partner evaluation;☆The company's ability to generate revenue;☆The financing stage;☆Risk Control;Core Competence;☆Industry Influence;☆Brand Value

Domestic top five, more than five years of experience in the Internet insurance industry, and no major events occurred within three years

More than three years of industry experience, and nearly half a year to launch new products

At least 3 years industry experience

More than three years of working experience, and no major events occurred in the past two years, the domestic flow ranked high

More than three years of industry experience, the last two years have many new product release, and the industry reputation is excellent, the domestic market share in front

No major events happened in the past year, high media exposure rate, and excellent reputation in the industry and market
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