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With the comprehensive arrival of the 14th Five-Year Plan of various industries, it is urgent to redefine the connotation of insurance technology and re-analyze the new characteristics of the insurance industry, especially in the past two years, the insurance industry has witnessed obvious characteristics of industry reform. The traditional insurance operation mode, no matter life insurance and property insurance, is difficult in the established market environment achieve massive growth;Technology provides great imagination and potential space for the future development of the insurance industry...
In recent years, with the in-depth development of insurance technology, the industry opportunities of insurance science and technology are gradually divided into two games. The theme of the first half is internet-based, relying on the industrial Internet wave; the other half is intelligent, relying on the intelligent revolution.At present, scientific and technological innovation, one of the most important competitive elements in the asia-pacific financial and insurance field, is bound to become more intense and interesting...
With the strengthening of supervision, the improvement of the overall market risk control ability and the gradual maturity of the overall marketing channels, the development of Internet insurance has become one of the major trends in China's insurance development in recent years.
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